Dendos voicebank is constantly being changed by me, so I will update it every time I change something significant.

Warning: This voicebank is not finished at all, feel free to modify things on your download but do not put the modified file up and redistribute it.

Things that need changed are

  • The oto (especially on the hiragana, romanji works perfectly fine though)
  • Breaths
  • Ba, Be, Bi, Bo, Bu all need rerecorded
  • Shi is really prominent

Eventually I would like to update to VCV but I’m not entirely sure how VCV voicebanks work.


  • Don’t use her in a content that is racially hurtful, has a bullying nature or is directly made to hurt or offend someone. Light and silly humour is okay.
  • Don’t sell her to make money, I’m giving her out as freeware.
  • Don’t redistribute her.

If you use her to make money (a song for example) I am 100% okay with that. Just let me hear I’d love to see what other creators are using her for!

Now you have read all that and hopefully taken some of it in, you can download her.

If you can’t download her from my chosen site of downloads, let me know and I’ll put a mirror download up.


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